Tonight Mathew
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Ditchling Road
Many called it fatally flawed. A handful called it a work of genius (well, seven to be precise). Ditchling Road saw the band take a new, more experimental direction after a life-changing, mind-expanding trip to the Indian.

People often ask themselves, would I rather be blind or deaf? We think we can answer that, once and for all...

You can hear some songs from Tonight Matthew's seminal performances, from the intimate Brunswick Club of their early days, to much sought-after recordings that can only be described as Sheer Stadium.

Use the player below to witness the sound of master musicians practising - and we mean practising - their art.

Folsom Prison
Midnight Hour
Brown Sugar
Not Fade Away
Come Together
Losing My Religion
Bohemian Like You

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Bohemian Travesty
Tonight Matthew at the height of rock superstardom and all that goes with it. “It was lonely”, says Paul. “I had no friends. And I wasn’t even in the band then.” Bohemian Travesty holds the record for the shortest time at number 1, just 38 seconds, until the clerical error was discovered and the album plummeted to number 658.

Dark Side Of The Room
The difficult third album. Depression, attempted suicides, and acrimonious departures - and that was just the people who
bought it.